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Pure and healthy, Eco-friendly, inspirationally culinary


Bigeye Fish Guys’ captures an at home gourmet-quality dining experience. Gourmet-quality: the utmost & highest quality products made available through superior selection, inspiring tasteful creations.


Pure healthiness


We refuse to sell seafood that has been chemically treated. We do not sell anything that has been kept in cages for breeding. Growth hormones and antibiotics? That’s not us. Our food is pure and natural. The way it should be. The way it was meant to be. Fish is healthy and exquisite, and most can’t help but to be inspired to want to create culinary masterpieces in their own kitchens like the finest chefs do. And since Bigeye Fish Guys offers the finest quality seafood from around the world delivered right to the customer’s doorstep, we are their number one new best friend. The next generation of food trending is pure and healthy delivery and Bigeye Fish Guys is it.




The stress on the world’s ecosystems has never been more severe, and we at Bigeye Fish Guys want to show our customers that we prioritize sustainability. We share our costumer’s deep concern about the environment. Our products will capture the growing number of consumers that take sustainability and environmental benefits into consideration when purchasing a product. By following the strictest regulations set by Ocean Conservancy and a full assessment of the entire product chain, we can guarantee that our products are delivered with a minimum impact on the ecosystem. We hand select our products for quality, sourced from oceans all over the world through our fisheries practicing our high standards of quality control. Our fish and seafood is selected according to the buying guides and fishing methodologies set forth by the Ocean Conservancy. We refuse to sell gill or drift net-caught fish and condemn the use of indiscriminate fishing methods that trap dolphins, whales, and other marine life. All of our seafood is prepared to optimize flavor and have a shelf life up to one year.